Deathwatch video guide compilation

Guides to Kill Teams

Proteus Kill Team practicalsHow to use “combat squads”
Proteus Kill Team practicalsHow to go “Costello style”
Primaris Kill Team loadoutsViable Primaris KT loadouts
Proteus Kill Team loadoutsViable Proteus KT loadouts
Proteus Kill Team assemblyCompetitive Proteus KT assembly
Proteus Kill Team basicsWhat is the Proteus KT?
Fortis Kill Team basicsWhat is the Fortis KT?
Spectrus Kill Team basicsWhat is the Spectrus KT?
Indomitor Kill Team basicsWhat is the Indomitor KT?
Specialisms for Kill TeamsWhat are Specialisms?

Guides to army building

How to get started with a DW armyGuide to box deals
Building a DW army for beginnersGuide to beginners list
Building a DW “Army of Renown”Kill Team Strike Force Review
Thematic Primaris-only listGuide to Primaris list
Thematic Firstborn-only listGuide to Firstborn list

Guides to units and datasheets

Watch MasterHas the time for the WM finally come?
AggressorsLate comeback of the Aggressors
IntercessorsHow to best use Intercessors
JudiciarLate comeback of the Judiciar
IncursorsSpectrus Spotlight: Incursors
InfiltratorsSpectrus Spotlight: Infiltrators
EliminatorsSpectrus Spotlight: Eliminators
OutridersFortis Spotlight: Outriders
HellblastersFortis Spotlight: Hellblasters
Assault IntercessorsFortis Spotlight: Assault Int.
Invictor Tactical WarsuitInvictor worth it for DW?
Veteran BikersHow to best use Veteran Bikers
Relic Contemptor DreadnoughtHow to best use VolCons
Corvus BlackstarCorvus Blackstar worth it for DW?
Black ShieldHow to best use the Black Shield
Company ChampionHow to best use the Company Champ